10 Pen drive Applications MYDB . Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Available files:

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10 USB Pen Drive Applications

Languages: English, German and Portuguese.

With this application, all of your important data and applications will be centrally available to you!

Contact Management:

- Private Addresses

- Birthdays

- Business Addresses


- Agenda / Appointments

- Notes

- Project Management


- Internet Bookmarks / Favorites

- Tips and Tricks

- Dictionary (German-English)

- Biorhythm (Calculate your personal biorhythm.)

Personal Applications:

- It is possible to generate your own applications using one of the seven available patterns: Liturature, insurance, recipes, vehicle management, music, videos and collections.

- It is also possible to generate an individual application without using the patterns. Simply rename the free fields as wanted and needed. Very easy and flexible!

Important Information:

This application is portable and easy to use; for example, you can run it from your USB Pen Drive. The entire application (main directory and all sub-directories) can be easily transferred to any computer with a Windows operating system by using "Copy" and "Paste"; it is not necessary run an installation program and the registry is not affected.

Demo Program Restrictions:

Only five records will be retained when the application is started; the rest will be automatically deleted.

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18x8rdv1724yq5z18v82.exe exe 358.63kB . N/A Windows Download
10 Pen drive Applications MYDB . Free Download screenshot